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Use of this technology is strictly controlled and not available for use within the general population. There is a section of the guide that provide comprehensive on the hotkrys available within the product.


It is said to be easy to install, easy to use and easy to learn. This technology allows users to see everything on the computer screen as well as providing access to applications, documents, email, and web browsing. Additionally, this technology provides navigation capabilities that enable users to launch programs and find documents on the screen along with the hypertext links and controls on a web page. By making this change, the mouse pointer or active element remains close to the center of the screen and thereby minimizes the need to visually pan the screen. The value of Background Reader will depend a lot on how you typically use a computer.

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No screws or fasteners are needed. The step-by-step installation wizard walks you through the process with relative ease.

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This version also will read aloud from the location of the search result you select. Just type in what you are searching for and Web Finder will find and highlight all the results. Just select the text you want hear and start Background Reader, and you can listen to that text in the background while you work on something else. This technology has not been assessed by the Section Office. If you have selected text on a webpage using the mouse in the past, you will know how challenging this can sometimes be, especially when using a higher level of magnification.

This may be the case with faster processors and when a double-spaced page of text is being converted. This makes it easy to locate and transfer files if you are using iTunes in conjunction with an Apple device.

The Toolbar gives you a number of options, including the ability to pause and play the selected text and navigate back and forth word by word or sentence by sentence. Vendor provided information is subject to the accuracy of the manufacturer. Using shortcut keys to select text can often make this task much easier.

Screen readers can also help you identify problems with reading order, table markup, form elements, and many other aspects of accessibility. The camera is also plug-and-play. Camera View Options The camera itself does not contain any physical controls. You can also hide the Background Reader Toolbar and rely on its shortcut key equivalents to carry out specific commands as well.

By default the small, rectangular shaped Background Reader Toolbar remains in the foreground of the screen, regardless of which program you navigate to. To begin using Background Reader, select the desired text you wish to have read. You can even upgrade from WindowEyes.

Section compliance may be reviewed by the Section Office and appropriate remedial action required if necessary. This assessment covers all editions. At best, it's another tool at your disposal to use in specific situations when other video magnifier solutions are unavailable or unaffordable.

The two modes available are full view and docked mode. The Web Finder Toolbar also allows you to move to the next or previous occurrence of a specific element. Web Finder allows you to quickly locate specific text, which it will then highlight and read within the context of its paragraph.

Setting up the position of the camera to achieve the correct height and angle is the most challenging part of the set-up. The Implementer of this technology has the responsibility to ensure the version deployed is compliant. The period of time this technology is currently being evaluated, reviewed, and tested in controlled environments. Background Reader allows you to listen to text read from one document or program, such as webpages or documents, while you simultaneously view another document or program. New Fusion features like Browse Mode and Page Navigation help you quickly search and easily navigate to and access webpages or locate any part of a webpage.

Full view simply means that the image of the camera is displayed on the entire screen. This feature appears to be geared more toward an intermediate to advanced computer user who is used to having more than one program open at once and is able to multitask quickly and efficiently. Web Finder can also list a number of different elements within a Web page, displaying them in a list box. No component, listed or unlisted, may be used outside of the technology in which it is released. Collaboration and Electronic Workplace Productivity Software.

Products to meet your needs

To successfully select text on webpages using the keyboard, Caret Browsing will need to be enabled. Additionally, this technology is compatible with multi-touch-enabled devices such as laptop and desktop monitors. The entire installation takes ten to twenty minutes, depending on the processing speed of your computer. The YouTube training video demonstrating Background Reader makes this task look effortless when using the mouse. This simultaneous use of speech and magnification lets you see what you are hearing.

The usage decision for a component is found in the Decision and Decision Constraints. Read from Pointer The Read from Pointer feature does exactly what its name suggests. You can also choose whether to have the text recorded in a male voice Paul or a female voice Kate using the NeoSpeech synthesizer.

The Logitech c Web cam provides a wide range of magnification. For most people, the automatic installation will be the most effective option.

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According to Ai Squared, the secret life of bees for recordings generally take about ten to fifteen seconds per page to record. The straightforward and simple interface makes it easy to use.

Products to meet your needs.

Report a bug Atlassian News Atlassian. You are given the option of modifying the recording rate and pitch. These decisions are based upon the best information available as of the most current date. Choose from low magnification, high magnification, speech only, just magnification with no speech all the way to complete speech and magnification.