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Max discovers Lauren knew that he was innocent and disowns her. She is shocked when the person is revealed to be Jake and he chases her through Walford to try and stop her from going to the police. He's already very protective of his daughters and Ryan isn't exactly his favourite person after his relationship with Stacey, who Max will always hold a torch for.

The next day, Tanya tells Lauren to leave after she destroys Abi's revision notes, and she stays with Max and Kirsty. It highlights that teenagers who people label irresponsible could be doing it to deal with worries they are keeping to themselves. He is then caught in his underwear in Claudette's house by Donna, who concludes they are having an affair, and despite Les and Claudette denying it, Donna tells Pam what she saw. Cora later reveals that Lauren has moved to New Zealand, possibly reuniting with Peter. She discovers that Max is involved in the plan to con the residents.

There's a real danger that it will become unpalatable and that you won't have too much empathy for the character. After saying an emotional farewell to his friends and after giving Billy his funeral hat, Les departs with Pam for a new life in Worthing. Lauren is distraught when Abi's life support is withdrawn. Billy eventually establishes a good working relationship with Les and a friendship as they spend Christmas together. We always support each other and Jacqueline always asks me how it looks.

Ian disapproves of her relationship with Josh when he catches them kissing which causes Lauren to slap Ian, but Kathy convinces him that Josh is not like his father. In July, Les hires Billy Mitchell Perry Fenwick at the undertakers, however he is disappointed when Billy doesn't turn up for work on his first day.

Paul threatens to expose the affair to Pam so Les tries to end things with Claudette, but Claudette tells Les that it will not be that easy. Stacey confronts her about it but Lauren reveals that she knows who killed Lucy, but refuses to divulge the identity to the police. Les and Pam later attend a court hearing for Paul's killers. Tanya is angry when she discovers this.

Jake is released when evidence clears him of any involvement and makes peace with Lauren before leaving. Eventually, sexual tension mounts between them and they start a secret relationship. Unnerved, Lauren dumps Peter, who tells his friends that he and Lauren had a sexual experience in the allotments.

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They would make such a cute couple. When Max is due to have a court hearing following Bobby's confession, Lauren and Abi write a letter saying they will wait for him in the pub, asking Stacey to deliver it. Max is released but does not meet Lauren, so she goes home. Max goes to the roof of the Vic where he plans to kill himself by jumping off, but Lauren and Abi climb on to the ledge to try and stop him. She initially refuses, planning to join Tanya in Devon but after he tells her that his brother Bobby Beale Eliot Carrington is Lucy's killer, she changes her mind and decides to go to New Zealand.

Unaware that Abi and Steven have embarked on an affair, Lauren realises she does not love Steven and plans on returning to New Zealand to make amends with Peter. She really wants to help Tanya and actually enjoys the responsibility. Heartbroken and distraught, Lauren continues to drink and Tanya realises that Joey is still in love with Lauren.

She overhears Max and Stacey talking about a recent kiss they had and is agitated, asking her to stay away from Max. Les later suffers a small heart attack after talking to Linda Carter Kellie Bright who tries to comfort him and he eventually dresses up as Christine. It's already so exciting to watch the chemistry between Roger and Lin on set, playing characters who have been together for so long, they know each other inside out. Determined to overcome her grief, Lauren starts up the business again and finds an email from someone wanting to meet on the night Lucy died.

What a forward-thinking way to get a discount on your funeral. Max tells a disbelieving Lauren that Josh is engaged, then Josh admits he is getting married in November.

He decides to become the villain and lie that he never loved her. She attends counselling and meets Jake Stone Jamie Lomas. Steven tells Lauren he needed a way to pay debts and she promises not to tell Ian the truth about the burglary as long as they are honest with each other in future. Les becomes very distraught at her departure, and Claudette urges him to tell Pam the truth, just as Pam returns and walks in on them together. Ian's mother Kathy Beale Gillian Taylforth advises Lauren to move on from Steven and pursue Josh, which she does and they start a relationship.

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She sees that he is married but learns that is separated. Pam then finds Les's tie at Claudette's house, and when Les and Claudette give conflicting explanations, Pam leaves to stay with her sister. Pam and Les vow to tell Paul who she is, but Paul is killed in a homophobic attack. It's a tough one covering the issue of binge drinking because inevitably, in order for it to have sufficient impact, it has to go on for a considerable amount of time.

Ultimately, Tanya blames herself and takes Lauren to a clinic in Exeter, believing a change of scene could help. Peter asks Lauren to marry him. Abi decides to leave Walford to visit Tanya and when Lauren learns of this, she asks if she and Louie can join her. Lauren catches Abi and Lee and assumes that Abi is making a move on him, however Abi drunkenly reveals that she and Lee previously had sex.

At a party, Lucy spikes Lauren's drink so she drunkenly reveals that Kirsty is pregnant. Lauren promises not to tell Whitney even though Steven tells her to. They have been wonderful to work with and we wish them all the best for the future. Lauren is wracked with guilt and decides to remain in Walford. It was announced in May that Lauren would be played by actress Madeline Duggan.

Lauren reconciles and is heartbroken to discover that Joey slept with Whitney while she was away. Derek threatens Lauren so she and Joey plan to leave Walford. She tries to make Joey jealous by kissing Tyler, who is engaged to Whitney, but it fails and Whitney ends their friendship and Lucy offers the job to Whitney. Joey and Lucy start dating but Lauren learns that Joey had cheated with Whitney, and urges her to tell Lucy. The more time they spend together the more they start to realise their feelings for each other are not just that of cousins.

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The following day, Joey explains that he rejected her because she was drunk and they kiss again. If Joey takes either of those options, dating a guy from kosovo Derek won't tell the police that Lauren was driving the car.

Billy sees him as he enters the ambulance. At first to Lauren drinking was a laugh.

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Pam then goes to Claudette's house and sets about destroying gifts from Les until Claudette says the presents are not hers, and Pam should ask Les about Christine. She moves back home after not being able to cope with the laziness of her housemates. Lauren makes a statement to the Police claiming that Bobby killed Lucy but they do not believe her and she returns to New Zealand with Louie, vowing to come back and clear Max's name. Lauren's drinking gets worse, though she believes she is not alcohol and tricks her step-grandmother Dot Branning June Brown to give her money, which she uses to buy alcohol.

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After Lucy manages to drag her out, they argue and Lauren storms off. Les confides in Claudette and says he misses Christine, so she gives him some of her clothes and makeup that she still has. Her drinking is so heavy that Lucy tells her to go home but Lauren ignores her, insisting that she is fine.

However, Steven learns about her plans and lies to her that he has an inoperable brain tumour. Lauren asks Peter to marry her and he accepts.