Wargaming matchmaking patent, blog archive

Wargaming matchmaking patent, blog archive

Client terminal for executing multiplayer application, group forming method, more than one and group forming program. Battles can take place in ten different battle tiers. Video game software may include other software modules as needed. Though this info is nice to have either way.

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Wargaming matchmaking patent

Matchmaking mechanism explained

Wargaming matchmaking patent

Vegas was founded to make money via gambling. With such a big playerbase, there have to be noobs and bad players, actually I guess there are more of these low-skilled players then the pros. It should be opposite, don't you think?

Perfect player prediction? This is only common amongst average players. This is sometimes done on purpose.

Range variable N is used to define a sub-range within the otherwise permissible range of battle levels for a given vehicle. But from my understanding of knowledge, we don't know. System and method configured to provide a location-based vehicular racing videogame. Although I meant too, I forgot to convey, vampyrii, that I knew that paragraph wasn't your thoughts but the other person you were quoting.

This rigged matchmaking also happens in World of Warships as well. In one embodiment, matchmaking server selects tanks so that a total weight of vehicles from two teams within the battle session are equal or near equal. Any patent office that believes Apple invented rounded corners have to be incompetent. For example there is a patent described a mechanism to put freshly acquirted vehicles to battles where you are top tank but it's not actually used at the moment.

Z s world of warfare blog WoT s matchmaker is rigged - the proof

Aspects of the disclosure involve altering object attributes in response to experience obtained within the game. Plain as the nose on your face. Censorship at it's finest. Complaining about unfair matchmaking will do nothing since this is how it works.

Step may also include confirming a vehicle's eligibility based on additional criteria other than battle level. In some embodiments, attributes might not be able to be changed. There are good players from start of the game, but many become good players with the time, and in this last case the general stats can be false. It is really amazing how many times I get tracked and ammo racked by one shell.

For the Record On the WG matchmaking patent and rigged MM

Wargaming matchmaking patent
Wargaming matchmaking patent

For as yet unknown reasons also the distribution of other maps does not appear truly random. In some embodiments, the software may allow some or all of a first experience class to be converted into one or more of the different experience classes. Its all a sham, I regret having started playing at all. According to various aspects, a user is presented with computer-based education regarding completion of an objective within an interactive computing environment.

And just sitting here sharing my experiences. It has nothing to do with spot range. Table may be stored in a database, an array, a lookup table, or any other data structure usable for querying the data stored therein. Third person shooter games often have similar goals but differ in the perspective of the player. Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati.

According to one aspect, a player may be placed randomly or sequentially in any suitable battle level. Rest of us are just a bunch of lazy communist, who want to keep the game equal, by banning good players from the game, or tying one hand behind their backs etc. Take a good deal of time and decide whether there is something special between both of you.

Wargaming matchmaking patent

Blog Archive

Vehicles, vehicle components, dating skaters characters and other equipment may be defined by one or more objects and instantiated during the game. They make you sick just watching them all over. This is why a lot of players defected to War Thunder. Method for adjusting character ability value and server for controlling the same.

Literally anything they can get away with patenting. Adding or changing a module type alters vehicle attributes based on the effectiveness of the newly installed module type. It is only with this statistical superiority that they are able to beat down, bully, dating sites harass and discredit anybody that ever speaks their mind about any feature of the game.

  • Lets see just how brave you are at backing up your trolling.
  • Now, what this Matchmaking system achieves?
  • The matters of heart are only understood by people who give too much importance to relationships.
  • When enough battle session requests have been received, e.
  • Please take this into account when forming platoons.
  1. Object database may be configured to store data defining and otherwise associated with an object used by a user of device to explore and interact with the virtual world.
  2. The selection of the battle tier you fight in depends on the amount of players available for each battle tier and is otherwise random.
  3. Weighting is performed by vehicle tier and vehicle type, some vehicles are individually weighted, and for some vehicles there are special restrictions.
  4. The idiots don't even notice such things.
  5. The present aspects have been described in terms of preferred and illustrative embodiments.

Alternatively, a user may wish to engage in continuous banked turning of their vehicle to realistically simulate aspects of vehicle-to-vehicle combat. The user may thereafter be allowed to participate in dynamic sessions with other human users. And lose interest when they continually lose, so only hardcore players stay in the game. Software, databases, operating systems, and the like may be stored in nonvolatile memory e.

Wargaming matchmaking patent

Rigged Match Making

Control of Vehicles in Three Dimensional Space. Other classes of tanks may include medium tanks and heavy tanks, among others. This rule may not apply, when the server is low populated. The game may include a plurality of different vehicle types, and a plurality of different hierarchical vehicle tiers.

It's simply an option, that shows Wargaming was thinking about this. It comes from Wargaming themselves. Wargaming learned from that. New battle level tables may be published with game updates to clients, or may be adjusted at the matchmaking server without requiring a game update on the client side.

For example, user database may in fact be a collection of multiple databases or database tables. The better thing is the statistics should be based on X last number of battles, and not based on a general number, because can be the best thing to know the real value of player. It's only circumstantial evidence. And they said the won't fix matches, after a player complained he is place in the losing team repeatedly! How can you really be surprised by that?

Wargaming matchmaking patent

At least these show that your imaginary doesn't work as good as you think. For example, world database may store texture maps for rendering a floor or ground, walls, a sky and the like. That's not really all that bad and goes alongside of other rules about being top tanks only so many times. Each class of vehicle possesses specific characteristics and a tier number. By staffing a vehicle with characters having improved attributes and skills, speed dating vehicle performance is maximized allowing for a more effective performance during game play.

Rigged Match Making

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