Thirteen Senses - Into The Fire

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Imgaine jumping off a mountain into the air - from stability to nothing - it's not called a leap of faith for nothing. From one extreme to another describes how from almost crashing down into the ground, the pilot manages to pull up and soar upwards high into the sky. We do not have any tags for Into The Fire lyrics. Into The Fire song meanings.

This s rock song -related article is a stub. We are nearing the end we were waiting for earlier - for when we have survived the pitch black that can't get any dimmer, the light will break through and great enlightenment will occur. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! It is an inner challenge - the test that when we pass, will take us to the next level of spiritual growth.


Thirteen Senses

PoetPhilosopher I'm reading this several years further on. In questioning our beliefs, our faiths may be strengthened - we reinforce what we know in our hearts as true and shed the false pretences and falacies of most religions.

Upon greater reflection, is not following the bible blindly an act of defiance to the church or God? God is with us in all circumstances summer to spring, mountain to air we just have to look for him. Here's where spirituality triumphs over religion. This article needs additional citations for verification. This is conventional judeao-christianity where it has been taught that going against God is a sin.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On another level, between summer and spring is autumn and winter when death occurs - the death of one's old self is necessary before new growth happens. This is by no means a happy feel-good song, but I am sure we can all agree that it feels good listening to this song because it stirs some emotion in us. The song has featured in many television programs.

More Thirteen Senses Lyrics. One has to re-evaluate his senses, meaning how he used to sense or see the world, and to sense and see world in a different light is to question one's senses, tetris the game and that's when one's senses are dire. Into The Fire is found on the album The Invitation.

So here goes my interpretation which naturally carries with it all the baggage that I do. But what fears are so terrifying it turns us white? Looking in describes seeing ourselves for who we really are and way down, describes the re-evaluation with true depth. If we manage to pull up, if we can figure out what is real and what is not, the soul soars the skies.


For me, it's catharsis - release of a certain angst. This is a definite biblical reference - superficially, the Samaritan being good and sin being an act in defiance of God.

Air on the other hand is weightless, can't be seen or held in one's hand, not substantial or solid. The feeling of being alone also comes because there is confusion of whether we belong in the old world or the new - the transition is a place of exile where we belong to neither. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Moving from what you know to what you believe is the mark of true faith.

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This resembles a spiritual transition known as The Dark Night of The Soul - when we feel like we have been abandoned by our higher power and we question our own existence and our belief systems. The Air on the other hand is limitless - literally, the sky is the limit. The dark night occurs to those who do not seek merely a relationship, but full immersion or unity in the higher consciousness, with the higher power. It may bring fear to the bravest of hearts, but the unlimited power of a soul being in the air, as opposed to being on a mountain, is a new level of enlightenment.

Thirteen Senses - Into The Fire Lyrics

Know something about this song or lyrics? And i think its about how he loved someone but never took the chance, so now hes just looking in on her life regreting it all. It, like a few others, meant something to me that I couldn't quite put my finger on, until now.

Into the Fire (Thirteen Senses song)