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Use the Navigation keys to select the calculation method, according to the illustration on the display. Using Symbol Mode Symbol mode enables you to insert symbols and punctuation marks into text. Choose from an extensive list of symbols and other character sets. Email Email From Email you can view received email messages.

The message automatically saves to the Voice list. The status for that category displays.

If the icon envelope is open then the message was read, otherwise a closed envelope displays. The entire adaptation process takes just a couple of minutes to complete. The contact name displays on the screen with other information that you have entered for that contact.

From here you can configure your phone to receive email. From Idle mode, press Menu The On setting is how long the keypad backlight is on. The screen defaults to an Update and My Facebook Status screen.


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You can view and manage all your contacts and update your Mobile Backup options at my. Left Navigation key plays the previous music file in the playlist. It also displays the screen and the icons that display when the phone is in use. There are two time lines available. When driving a car, driving is your first responsibility.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Android operating system devices Smartphones Samsung mobile phones Samsung Galaxy Mobile phones introduced in Touchscreen mobile phones. Our Samsung Canada team is in touch with the customer, and is investigating the issue. Memory status You can check the amount of memory used or remaining on the phone or memory card for Media, Sounds, Images, Videos, Music, Games, dulhan songs and Other files.

Next day delivery available. The available scientific evidence does not show that any health problems are associated with using wireless phones. To exit and reactivate the previous sound settings, press and hold the message displays. You can move the cursor by using the Navigation keys.

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This means you can connect any Bluetooth headphones to use for any of your games. Timer Timer You can use this menu to set a timer. You are asked to confirm the correct name as Nuance displays the results. Images In this menu, you can view the list of images downloaded from the web server, taken with the built-in camera, or received in messages.

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Shopping from Netherlands? Specifications and availability subject to change without notice. Press the Stop key to stop the recording and save the video file to your Videos folder.

You can set the first setting to your home city and use the second setting to check other city times. The software displays three choices and prompts you to select a choice. Displays when a new Email is received. Frequently bought together.

There is no proof, however, that wireless phones are absolutely safe. The bottom half, which slides out, holds the number keys. Voice Recognition Settings Voice Recognition Settings Confirmation Nuance uses a confirmation list when a name or number is not clearly recognized. This means that once they're connected you won't know that they're there and can enjoy perfect wireless calls at all times.

Right Navigation key plays the next music file in the playlist. Page Do wireless phones pose a health hazard? Once you change the mode, the corresponding indicator displays at the top left of the display. Please read this manual before operating your. Changing Your Settings This section explains the sound and phone settings for your phone.

To reject an incoming call, press the Reject soft key or Press to end the call. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rogers Communications Inc.

If you are using a handset other than a standard numeric keypad, dial the numbers listed in brackets. Greeting Message Greeting message This menu allows you to set a greeting to display briefly when the phone is switched on. Each time Nuance activates you can choose to view the confirmation list even if there is only one choice. Press the Change soft key or bookmarks list. Display Your phone has a display on the front of the phone.