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Russian small stone phaser dating, electro Harmonix Small Stone Nano review

So it can be used in other countries by using the correct power adaptor, which we can supply. Our setting is marked with a black line. Color feedback pot top, left. Stock color switch middle, left.

Modifying your Small Stone

On the left the stock Color switch, the stock Rate pot, the footswitch, battery clip and battery plug which I had to change into another one that was isolated from the chassis! That keeps it looking cool and also it's hard to mount a normal stomp switch on some of these.

Best Electro Harmonix Small Stone Pedal?

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Or if you want the whistling feedback you can dial some in. There are two different construction eras of the Sovteks. Our mod sets the volume the same, and includes an internal trim pot so you can set the volume just where you want it. Here is a video demo on youtube.

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If left alone, the pedal will feedback and whistle when the volume is increased. The Mix knob will be on the top row next to the other knobs. Pedals above that need adaptors have them included. We also can add a Boss type power jack. Any of the resistors in the path from the phase line output back to the input can be juggled to decrease the amount of feedback.

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Also jacks are attached to the board so they need to be pulled off and replaced with normal jacks, so it's very expensive. We replace the wires and jacks on the mod, and usually replace the pots too. They are using relays now for true bypass. To check for true bypass, open it up and look at the switch. It allows using paypal in addition to several other payment methods including credit cards.

Reduced bass response switch top, middle. Here is a picture of the trim pots to give you an idea. The later ones bubble font and the black versions do not take as much time so the mods are cheaper. Stock rate pot with new knob middle, right. Note that specs may change and not all E-H pedals are the same.

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Small Stone Phaser with mods

When you unplug the expression pedal it does normal phasing just like the stock pedal. They are really cheaply made pedals so it's not really worth modifying them.

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We do mod the Russian Big Muffs because they sound great but it gets expensive. Modifying your Small Stone We will put these volume and trim pots inside your Small Stone and adjust for no volume loss or squeal. The switches are really weird, hard to mount a normal stomp switch. To make them worth using, dating a psychopath man we do a true bypass mod using a relay that's controlled by the stock switch.

Electro Harmonix Small Stone Nano review

If they run on batteries there usually is a battery included and no power supply. Any of the resistors will work if they cut the feedback amount.

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