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Since this application is password-protected itself and uses bit encryption to hide your private data, anyone needing to store sensitive data will be more than satisfied with Password Saver. However, we're not convinced those features are all necessary, and enabling them all makes the product very expensive. Limited import capability. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Most password managers employ multifactor authentication, so access to your credential vault is granted only with both a correct password and a correct authentication code.

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LastPass has its own authentication app and, for some common websites, allows you to simply tap to authorize entrance. Plus you can also export the data to a text file and it has another really neat function.

Protect every password in your business Every password is an entryway to your business, and LastPass makes it easy to secure them all. One benefit of this approach is, because you no longer have to recall the passwords yourself, you can give each site or app a different, complex and hard to remember password.

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The desktop version is free. In most cases, this is strong enough security. Advertisements or commercial links. Zoho Vault does everything a password manager must, and there's even an impressive free version.

Seamless integration with your existing user directory means you can quickly onboard company-wide. As mentioned, all of the products listed below earned at least three stars. Most of the top-rated products include a Web form-filling component. Zoho Vault is something any small business or departmental administrator can run without the need for dedicated corporate or security professionals on staff.

Most of the free tools lack the most advanced features, but they get the job done. No two-factor authentication. Online console manages trusted devices. If you want to use a Mac, you need to use it with Chrome or Firefox. You'll even find products that offer your choice of credit cards using realistic images with the correct color and bank logo!

If you're looking for a particular password manager that isn't in this table, we have probably reviewed it, but found it wanting in some way. Also, since you no longer need to remember your passwords, you can generate random alphanumeric passwords proven to be far more secure than human-generated ones.

Not compatible with Internet Explorer. The New Streaming Giants Explained. What if a hacker gains access to your master password?

It is polite enough to ask where you want the program files to be installed and then if you want a desktop icon and a Quick Launch icon. Of course, this is limited to those sites that let it be known they have a breach, and generally more major sites. Slick and polished Dashlane boasts a ton of features.

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Even so, it's odd seeing a limit on something as data-sparse as a password manager. RoboForm has evolved considerably since those early days. We've rounded up free password managers in a separate article. The smart user doesn't fall for either of these traps, instead relying on a password manager to create and remember a strong, unique password for every website. Some user interface quirks.

It also includes a password generator. We have a name for folks who rely on either of these two techniques. Includes digital inheritance and secure sharing. Stick with the free edition.

No two-factor authentication, secure sharing, password inheritance, or actionable password strength report. Note that the blurbs below include everything with a three-star rating or better.

He was present at the formation of the Association of Shareware Professionals, and served on its board of directors. One handy advanced feature is managing passwords for applications, not just websites. Don't lose your passwords over the weekend.

Even so, it's a cool feature that will both help you sleep better at night and lose sleep. It then asks if you want to view the tutorial and start the program. It keeps all your passwords under one encrypted and password-protected roof. Convenient password sharing Make password sharing convenient for employees while keeping access to corporate data secure.

Comprehensive web form filling. Centralized control Get insight into employee password behavior and the power to change them from the admin dashboard. One of the most interesting features of Dashlane is what it calls Site Breach Alerts.

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Though the Password Saver program itself is pretty straight forward I recommend you take a quick look at the tutorial. Extensions for Chrome and Firefox only. The breadth and flexibility of their personal data collections vary, as does their accuracy when matching Web form fields with their stored items.

Rates some weak passwords as strong. See Our Password Management Solution. Password Boss handles all basic password management tasks and includes advanced features, such as secure sharing and password inheritance. No problem, whmcs template Password Saver lets you create your own templates. What else does Password Saver do?