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Obviously luxury was something she could live without. Her scent called to him on the cellular level, stirring his blood and then sending it straight to his cock. Glancing forward again, Derek inched his way along the dimly lit outside corridor. When insurance investigator Anastasia Miller sets out to retrieve the rose-hued pink diamonds stolen in a recent heist, she finds herself working alongside former flame, deputy U. But their lives are worlds apart.

He was tired of waiting for her to come around to his way of thinking, which included a couple of weeks and his four-poster bed. But this time, Derek was going to step in and apprehend her before she had the chance to do any sweet-talking. But it means following him into Hell to face inhuman urges, the secrets in her past, and the horror in her future.

Read Misled(Carnal Thirst Book 1)(23) online free by Sylvia Day

Not the usual layered Sylvia Day novel. This is the first Sylvia Day book I have read, it won't be the last. Ok, if I had any doubts that Sylvia Day probably got her start writing erotic fiction for a site like Literotica. This story mixes sci-fi and paranormal, Sable and Derek are vampires, and there are several references to space ships and confederations and so on. As I've said, there's really not much to the plot, however, in some way the plot was actually quite quick in a way.

There's more to Sable and even to Derek than meets the eye, they are not just bounty hunter and special agent. What the hell am I going to do with you now? And not-so saintly Nick is going to make every one of her carnal wishes come true. Imagining all that energy in his bed was enough to make his cock hard.

Misled (Carnal Thirst 1) by Sylvia Day

Music wafted across the still night air as various room occupants held impromptu parties. Her wide-eyed gaze shot to the doorway, shocked to find Derek lounging there with casual arrogance.

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When she turned to face him, her lovely face was studiously impassive, belying the rapid pounding of her pulse and the moisture he could smell pooling between her thighs. That woman can write some sex and there was a lot of it in this book! They are, however, both vamps. All in all it was entertaining and since I already got the next one I will be reading it soon. Day's writing and the stories she comes up with, but in this mix of paranormal and sci-fi I have to say I think the actual storyline fell a bit short.

Derek's love has been misled. Misled is definitely different. Misled is a very quick, birthday card design psd hot read and it's one I'd definitely recommend when you're in the mood for something spicy.

Two straight days of mind-blowing sex should be enough, but it isn't, not for either of them. And he won't rest until he finds her and she delivers to him his heart's desire. It felt novice like to me. Fascinatingly enough, this is a novella. Sigh - my palm itched a lot when I read this.

The punishment is eternity in Hellfire. Sable wants Derek, too, but has secrets she's afraid will make him reject her. His gaze dropped to her seductively swaying hips and he was lost. Tugging a short, sleeveless wrap off a hanger, she covered her lithe form and he bit back a groan of disappointment. Can a huntress and a vampire be compatible?

Derek watched with rapt attention as Sable rose naked from the small bed and moved to the wardrobe. His eyebrows rose at the blunt statement. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Startled humans scattered with piercing screams.

Interesting choice of characters aside, this was essentially a couple hundred pages of two vampires having copious amounts of sex. Almost totally forgot about this gem. Not for any real prudish reason, I just find them jarring and it pulls me from the narrative.

Read Misled(Carnal Thirst Book 1) online free by Sylvia Day

Their work, by nature, was a lonely existence. Because all Steph wants for Christmas is him, in a number of naughty ways. Bryce Craven is different but, until he meets Cleo, he doesn't realise how different he really is.

Open Preview See a Problem? He reached around her waist and set the cuffs against her wrists. The so called couple were awful.

However, the story is told from the alternating perspectives of Sable and Derek so this did help the characterisation a bit. She's not who Derek thinks she is, so a relationship just isn't possible.

When she was her strong, self assured self I adored her. Drake Vermillion is a vampire looking for a quick bite. Finally, they were enclosed together, tucked away from the rest of the universe.

As beautiful and flawless on the outside as he was damaged and tormented on the inside. Instead he finds Melissa, but when she turns ice-cold before the first taste, Drake is intrigued rather than fearful of the huntress.

He stepped closer and breathed her in, his body instantly waking to full arousal. Amazing and with a great plot too. Maybe if this were a novel vs. The setting is definitely unusual for vampires too.