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It also excites the readers to find out if these unruly girls turn out to be fine, motivating women in the future or not. Between the west and the north towers there are the classrooms. Her first term is filled with highs and lows. Alicia Johns was the form joker.

Determined to do well and make friends, her first term is turbulent. There is also a good amount of action and excitement for a first book in a series, with its scene-setting obligations. Malory Towers is a book of lessons if you pay close attention. We all have rivals and moments of personal insight when we learn something about ourselves.

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The series also throws light on her fellow mates and their attitude with her. She was very strict and always had an eye on mischief-makers such as Alicia and June. Although she was very popular because of her pranks and jokes she was also very sharp-tongued and scornful of those less talented or healthy than her. She is on friendly terms with most of her classmates and even makes her peace with Gwendoline Lacey at the end, when a personal tragedy strikes the vain, selfish class outcast.

The Malory Towers Series by Enid Blyton

She has listened to them dozens of times. Daphne and Mary-Lou become good friends at the end of the term. No doubt I'm being unfair. Darrell feels puzzled in her first term, but very soon joins the bad company of Alicia Johns.

Smith is a brilliant if largely forgotten author, not in the same class as Blyton at all. In second form she became head girl and then in the sixth became games captain. But I guess it's better than the standard navy blue and white with touches of red. Plus she finds that making friends is not as easy as she hoped, though making an enemy is.

Bibliography Illustrators Society. Jo, a girl who was expelled back when Felicity was in the second form, returns as Alice. She might be very scared of most things in the world even earwigs and water! Daphne was a silly, pretty girl who joined in the second form. The rest in the series are just as good.

Gwendoline Lacey was a silly girl, always thinking that she was good, even when she was doing the wrong things. Darryl has a hot temper but she is kind hearted and loyal to her friends. She initially made friends with Gwendoline, before becoming a better person and befriending Mary-Lou.

Gwendoline is the girl we love to hate, obviously. In a disagreement with Sally her classmate, she pushes her so hard she falls over and has to be taken to the sanatorium for treatment.

Malory Towers Books In Publication & Chronological Order - Book Series

Most of the incidents in the series are viewed from her perspective. There's also a line in practical jokes on the teachers, involving implausible joke-shop purchases and Blyton's enduring failure to understand the limitations of magnets. Her temper causes problems, her efforts at playing the fool backfire, The first book ends with Darrell becoming best friends with Sally Hope. She is a go-getter and does not settle until she does her best.

The new characters breathe new life into the Malory Tower series, escape from planet earth soundtrack as the girls get to know each other even better and forge newer and stronger friendships. Winter Term at Malory Towers. It takes the return of original Malory Towers heroine Darell Rivers to find an answer to the mystery at her alma mater. Upper Fourth at Malory Towers The girls are in a higher form now. The key character in the series is Darrell.

Totally disliked the theme and not planning to go through the other books in the series later. Let us know - we're continually adding new authors and characters daily. The end of the term contains events such as mean tricks played by Gwendoline on Mary-Lou. The next time I was in England I bought what the store had on the shelf, but have holes in my collection.

Third Year at Mallory Towers Jigsaw. Luckily, First Term at Malory Towers left me pleasantly surprised. Sally Hope was Darrell's best friend. She was very sensible and responsible but with a good sense of humour and therefore very popular among her form. The first book in the series introduces us to the protagonist, Darrell Rivers.

Just like in the previous novels, the novel highlights the clash in personalities between the girls. She was talented in writing lyrics and stories. First Term at Malory Towers. In the Fifth at Malory Towers. Just wonderfully nostalgic.

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The term ends on a lighter note when Darrell finally manages to make friends, even going home with two of her dorm mates. Third Year at Malory Towers. Her attitude only changed when her father fell very sick during her last term, and she was told that he will die. So I was a bit dubious about reading the book after all these decades. She had a very quick brain and if she really worked hard at something then it would be amazing however, she was far too busy playing the fool.

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Miss Grayling was the headmistress. Darrell Rivers arrives at Malory Towers and is soon making friends and enemies of the other girls in her dorm room. It's fantastic - but huge. Meet Darryl, Sally and Mary-Loo for a walk down memory lane.

Trying to make amends with the other girls, she invites them to half term, but when there are no takers, she takes her frustrations out on Sally by pushing her off her stool seriously injuring her. But of course it's not all plain sailing for Darrell and her friends! She dreams of turning out to be one of the success stories of Malory Towers as a result of the inspiration from her Headmistress Miss Grayling.