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This is the only official admitted decrease in size of treasure, when under Czechoslovak control. And, of course, we'll never really know.

It seems like the Czech legion to have retreated to Vladivostock, after which it was shipped to Canada and then to Corfu, or to the Salonika Front. This is the most famous of the legions, and hence the primary topic. By the way, somewhere I read, why are women so picky online dating that Legions saved in Kazan greatest gold treasure of all times.

Japanese general Kato informed allies, that soldiers of ataman Semenov were guarding it in town of Cita. It should also be noted that virtually every Czech or Slovak from the Czech Republic or Slovakia mentions this naming thing very early in the conversation. The account i have claims that in the wreck of the gold train, eight box cars were destroyed, eighty guards killed and thirty more wounded. As a habit, we drop inconvenient words and syllables. Part of the original Kazan treasure was taken in one train late in beyond Bajkal by Japanese.

Finally, there is the spectacular architectural fact of the bank itself - a glorious bit of architecture. Perhaps, this is the missing treasure some historians refer to as being stolen by Czechoslovaks. This seems to require an article of its own, for whcih the section in this article would make a good start. May someone find any reliable, English-language resource supporting this, and rewrite relevant passages of the article? All this was released to soviet commission headed by gen.

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But balancing those pieces of paper are these facts. Good slavic nationalism makes for difficult history.

The gold treasure was then released to now Irkutsk Soviet government as the last trains of Czechslovak Siberian Legions left Irkutsk. These historical documents are quite clear and those who wish to argue that the Legion took home no gold whatsoever have excellent documentation.

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This is not only problem for Slovaks, but for Czechs too. The other articles could use some expansion. Can't we stick with the standard historical references?

Mariusz Czerkawski