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These are the ten most intimidating male actors working today. That is, they can come off as intimidating without much effort if the part calls for it. Walken is more of a comic performer these days, but the iconic man with the piercing eyes and distinctive New York cadence can be one of the most intimidating actors when the role demands it. There are few actors outside of this list, of course who can pull off such fierce roles time and time again. He does it better than most actors, are online dating sites free and he does it often.

He had English, Irish, and Welsh ancestry. His face was fatigued by his hard-worked life, but then you saw a glimmer in his eyes that revealed his love for his daughters and wife.

Two actors improvise a scene. With his unflinching stare and his knack for turning curse words into Biblical intonations of menace, Jackson is always an intense presence on screen. Now she has a million fans and a huge fan base.

His off-screen crusades, ranging from anti-paparazzi vendettas to his unprecedented devotion to post-earthquake Haiti, appears to flow from the same well of intensity that fuels his acting. Nolte began his career on stage at the Pasadena California Playhouse and in regional theatre productions. She is a really great actress. The problem is only on talent, skill and a bit of luck. Success in youth is the dream of every teenager in this world.

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Craig singlehandedly transformed James Bond from a smooth and aloof sophisticate to a passionate, vulnerable spy unlike we'd ever seen in previous s. When Del Toro is on the screen, there's no other actor you want to watch. Hannibal Lector are two examples of great actors disappearing into an iconic role.

When you watch her depiction of Holly Golightly, you fall in love with her while your heart breaks. Who would have thought that Spicoli, the befuddled stoner of Ridgemont High, would grow into the Brando of his generation? And somehow he is even more swoon-worthy as a man than he was as a teen. However, she spent much of her time living in Los Angeles and New York.

His overabundance of confidence eventually became his undoing, but you laughed right up until his last breath. Playing the central character Ree Dolly, in this hillbilly mystery, Lawrence is a revelation. For many, teenage actors adriana lima dating add up to too many headaches. Tall, dark and handsome, Owen has a brooding stare and a measured, deep voice.

That is, Spacey doesn't need to transform to be scary, he just is. She has a bright future because of his passionate performance and great looks. With this, of course, it will affect the future of her. There is something about Christoph Waltz that seems to suggest he is not having any of you. She started her career when her parents left the Hollywood world.

There are those actors that simply have certain auras about them, which can be good and bad. Not the greatest of actors, Bloom even used that to his advantage to represent the lack of emotions shown by his species. Before she became the most popular beautiful actresses, she started her career in the stage. And, of course, his off-camera intensity is legendary.

His booming voice would crack at a moment of weakness or doubt. They can be playing good guys or bad, but they seem larger than life, even unpredictable. Emma Watson has an amazing talent, a beautiful smile, a stunning white skin, perfect eyes, and body make her have a bright future. Crowe is master and commander of being as intense on camera as he is off. In this role, Christopher Lloyd took his already brilliant career and sealed his place in cinema history.

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