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It is not compulsory for a template to look extraordinarily beautiful but it should have powerful features to work with and the site will automatically look beautiful. The sidebar almost locates at left or right of the main column.

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Other features include custom ad banners, social media icons, breaking news, featured posts. It helps you get the blogging experience of your life. You do not need to be a developer or have coding skills to manage your website.

Now you can see gear icon below of the mobile screenshot. Convert your visitors to your fans.

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Resize your images before upload. Some basic quick tips for blogspot users.

The template has a beautiful color combination, is easy to set up and helps in attracting many viewers. The theme also features search engine optimization. There are three formats available in the download for hassle free work in all the devices.

Share your post on social bookmarking sites. It is automatically adjusted screen resolution according to users devices. You also get the best social media sharing widgets along with visually compelling featured posts to get more clicks on your posts. Thought of making special pages for those but you know we are a bit lazy.

Simply get the distributed template file within a microsecond. The template looks beautiful for travel blogs, portfolios and other personal blogs.

All the features are powerful and you can customize them according to your needs of your blog. The template is built on flat Bootstrap and is a clean and professional Blogging sort.

Yet there is a limit to number of free blog html css templates you can find, anti software spyware so we decided to create a few of them ourselves. View All Blogger Templates. The fashion blogger is full of great customizations which will make your website sparkle.

Start Now By Choosing a Template. Whether it is a travel, photography, personal or others the looks of all the blogs are brilliant and attract viewers.

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Finding one to match your website need is not much of a task with the availability large no of templates. Before making any changes in your existing template, you must save a copy of it.

This beautiful template is absolutely worth giving a try. So you can get more visitors from popular social bookmarking sites like Facebook, twitter, google plus, etc. The theme is perfect for story telling.

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Backup and Restore Blog Template Before making any changes in your existing template, you must save a copy of it. It has a two column layout for the rest of the blog posts with a clean sidebar. Feel better with fast and quick downloading. Try this today and manage your posts like a pro. At least minimum three post weekly.

Video Download Blogger Template. Then you should pick from these set of website templates. Browse the templates in gooyaabitemplates.

The features can be easily customized and make your blog look beautiful. The template is responsive and has hundreds of features to build a blog.

Is best suited for a personal blog where you display everything related to food and lifestyle and have your viewers splurged in the beauty of your blog. The email subscription feature lets you grab emails of your viewer with Feedburner.

You can put life into your stories with the beautiful color schemes and exquisite fonts. It has a responsive layout and suits best for a magazine blog. Now your backup stored in your hard drive. It has been supported by a strong code which has been tested.

Moreover, more features inside. Publico will make gadget lovers, tech gurus, food bloggers and even those who want to open a news portal satisfied. Install Blogspot Template Important! The template has been well documented for its easy installation. The codes are simple and can be easily customized and can be understood by a new user also.