Hookup list revenge, ford taurus forum

Hookup list revenge, ford taurus forum

Hookup list revenge

Boy gets revenge on sister by posting her hookup list. Especially guys just trying for potential hookups. This type of hookup site is not a place to groom a future husband or wife or a partner to take home and meet the parents. He could have saved her life by posting the list. Won't bore you all with the details but after many pages of public entries, one of her reply posts listed her new phone number.

You just need to ensure that you are not seeking a future love interest and that it really is only casual sex that you seek. Been like this for a few days now. My fear is that he never did, chickened out or just plain didn't believe my story and figured he just got stiffed and dropped it altogether. This time, when I asked for a description of who this chick was, how do i it was close to that of someone I had briefly dated.

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Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. The conversation turned from me being very annoyed to realizing that some chick had given him this number, on purpose. It's also saying I enjoy your company. Finally learn how to type a coherent statement, sites I would be embarrassed for you if not for the fact that you made the choice to look foolish.

There is a difference between sexual urges, and just sleeping around. Your email address will not be published. Also i hope you didn't take anything i said as offensive or insulting to you at all, i was merely suggesting bitch was a bit strong for the information we were given. The brother is correct, she is a whore.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. And she happened to post her phone number online to be conveniently gleaned. If one or both of you are married then you must also be ready for possible last minute change of plans. His parents, being typically strict Asian parents, grounded Chris for three months.

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Seriously, why do I have to specify this? She whooped his monkeys twice. Reading this was glorious.

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This makes me happy on the inside. This is douchebaggery at its lamest. Although she probably feels terrible, she does deserve it. She and I briefly dated years back but obviously it didn't work out. If a claim seems impossible or probably false, you will be asked for proof.

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Meet other members in your area looking for some great times. Some of us don't even own fedora's. Instead of whining about it getting known. As for the boy, well, he got caught, he got grounded. She was a bitch and used you, you informed her she was a bitch, she responded by being even more of a bitch.

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There must be some other reason she kept using it that long. She deserves it for being retarded enough to write it down and then give her brother reason for go through her shit. In Europe they are finding out just how dangerous drinking by minors can be, how hard on society, on families and on the economy. What if she wants to buy sometimes to preserve her self-respect and self-esteem? If you write something like that, you're pretty much asking for it.

Honestly in this regards I recommend going with the whole posting on Craig's list part. Ehh, honestly it just seems a bit excessive when there are easier ways to achieve the petty revenge results for less effort. However, I'm a firm believer in keeping the revenge on an equal level. Stories should be revenge -based.

Sounds like this bitch is a bitch, so it's not wrong to call her a bitch. Believe me, the thought had crossed my mind. But this is epic and why I do not post stuff unless I am sure I want to say it. Bitches don't have friends. Heaven forbid I express an alternative point of view.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. His sister will probably never forgive him for it and in later life he will regret having no relationship with her. If I were in that situation, results from an online I would do it in a heartbeat. Seems like she has it coming. She saved him from underage drinking.

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Because she wants to have perfectly natural sexual encounters with people? Send a private message to MattJack. No, I'm still a representative of the rare gentleman breed. Why do you think you did the wrong thing telling her off? Those guys are probably mortified worse than the girl.

Send a private message to executioneer. Pissed or not, it was wrong and I probably deserved a bit of what she did afterwards. No identifying information stay in compliance with all Reddit's rules. Like, i hate to be a bitch too, but fuck.

In cases like these, girls have often been sexually abused by someone they trust, a group leader, teacher or a family member. So much so, she is basically calling me the king of them. Get help for liking to see a slut get caught by karma?

Yet another few months later and another guy calls my number asking for a yet another female. She may have problems, but probably not. Like the Gobi desert to live with the llamas. But those occasions should be the exception, not the rule.

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This can never be taken back. Right, first off, this is kind of funny. You may already have wo n!

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You should come to denmark! For many people the guilt can be crippling and hard to cope with. Why is she being castimagated harshly? After trying times, online he finally decided to pick up the phone and see what was on the other end. Send a private message to Shrubfest.

  • Sadly, I never got the anticipated follow up phone call from her.
  • Girls can have sexual urges all they want.
  • Thus my reasons for stating I was probably in the wrong.
  • Involved but could work out.
  • So snitches get stitches and she got what she deserved, eh?
  1. Did anyone ever think that girls can enjoy sex too?
  2. In fact, how would this person on the phone know the gals new number?
  3. Stories should not be serious.

Ford Taurus Forum

Send a private message to Zhukov. Every guy that calls looking for her? Yup, she's ditzy like that. This is fucking hilarious. Most bullshit reply ever much?

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