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What does Mokomichi-san think about Night being the perfect boyfriend? If you say that, then Night is Mokomichi-san's idea of an ideal lover, ne. Aibu-san is always full of energy and cheerful, a mood-maker during filming, overlappers relationships dating livening things up. Your impressions of Mizushima Hiro-san and Aibu Saki-san? What did you think of Zettai Kareshi when you first heard of it?

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To soldier on, no matter what comes along, even if it feels hopeless, and working it out together, that's the ideal ne. How do you think you're going to play that part? Naturally, when you tell the other person that you love her, you want the other party to say the same thing back to you.

Aibu saki and hayami mokomichi dating, teenage boys and dating tips

Is there any part where he feels embarrassed? It's great how he puts in so much effort in everything, and I understand that. How to show those robot-like parts, I think I'll have a feel for it during filming itself.

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When you hear robot, inevitably you're going to think of its jerky movements but the Tenjo Night I'm playing this time is an enhanced-performance humanoid robot. It's the first time I'm playing a robot and I feel excited about doing it.

Night is the type of robot who learns as he goes along, so as he comes into contact with Riko and Soushi, he will learn that he does not possess a human heart in himself. Regarding the movement, it's not really unnatural and it looks like I can move around more smoothly. To cook with a girlfriend, that's what I yearn for ne. For me, it's enough that she puts in the utmost effort in whatever she does.

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When I enter a toy store, a switch gets flipped. Before long, his sense of self is going to be awakened.

Do you have an image of how to play the role of a robot? Night is very straight in showing his affection. But of course to be loved by someone, you have to give it a go with all your heart. What kind of character is Tenjo Night? The interweaving of a robot and human will create interesting parts and there'll also be the pain of love.

Nevertheless, he's not perfectly human. So, I think that's what I want, to cook together.