Haunting Mysteries The Island Of Lost Souls

Move the chair to reveal a star and bottle E. The Adventures of Sindbad. Complete the phoenix door puzzle without Skipping.

Complete the electricity box puzzle without skipping. Return to the drawing room. However, I wasn't playing fast and you may do much better than me.

Haunting Mysteries The Island of Lost Souls

Haunting Mysteries - The Island of Lost Souls Platinum Edition

The final picture is of Lillian O. Exit the bunker and return to the area with the typewriter.

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These all have a good challenge to them. Overall i feel it had a good storyline with beauitifull graphics and music. Look at the cargo door on the plane. Exit the tower and walk right to return to the street.

Find a path through the tiles that follows the symbols carved at the top C. Walk forward through the gate.

Coins that do not match will turn back over. Return to the front of the lighthouse. We can't help you out if you write about it in your post, so click here to go to our Help pages or here to contact our Customer Support Team instead. Hit the gong to reveal a bottle C.

Free trapped spirits from a vengeful plot in Haunting Mysteries - The Island of Lost Souls Deluxe, a fantastic supernatural experience. Island of Lost Souls takes place in Northern Scotland, where your plane crashes into the waters next to an abandoned lighthouse. Trapped on a seemingly deserted Island after a malevolent force brings down your plane, you must discover what brought you to the Island and how you can escape its hold. In a race against time, apple iphone player Emily and company must solve the riddle of the book or Emily will be forever lost within its confines!

Unlocked every other award in The Island of Lost Souls. There are a good range of mini-games. This was really pretty good, with some drawbacks.

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Note the path to Cave E I. Move the poles and umbrella D. Click here to download this game again.

Game DescriptionHaunting Mysteries The Island of Lost Souls Review

Complete the Waterfall Cave puzzle without Skipping. Are you sure you want to download this game?

To play this game, simply enter your email and password. Look at the dumb waiter and press the call button H. Take the left path towards the lighthouse N. Note the ice still left in the dumbwaiter C. Open the lid of the crate to reveal several items F.

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Select the life raft to travel to the jetty J. Need to use hints sometimes to guide me to next task. The hidden object scenes run from moderately easy to difficult for some items. Return to the toy shop and look at the doll repair table. Walk through the gate to Cave D.

Play the game every day of the week. Drag the stained glass pieces into position to complete the window W. Your review should appear soon. Look at the barrel debris O.

Haunting Mysteries The Island of Lost Souls Review