Gd-6 Acoustic Guitar

Gd-6 acoustic guitar

All of these details allow us to reproduce the real playing of a guitar player, and easily. The Let Ring controls wether the chord stops when you release your right hand. Your shopping cart is empty! The solo mode is very simple, and is suited to play melodies.

The Chord Mode can be set in two positions, the Guitar mode that separates the notes selection from the triggers. It allows you to go from one chord to another and play the hammer ons and pull offs between them.

The Piano mode will trigger the chords as soon as you press a chord, the upstrokes and downstrokes are automatic depending on the position in the current bar. The chord configuration will also contain the information present in the chord builder if you used it. Clicking on one of the keys on the interface will launch the pattern, triggering another one will stop the first one and start the new one.

By default releasing the keys will stop the pattern. Each fret represents a quarter note and you can either add a whole chord or just a single string if the link icon is unselected. This makes it very easy to trigger the previously recognized chord in different ways. Please read the terms of the following License Agreement before using any of these audio samples. Solo mode, automatic hand position.

It uses a smart hand position system that decides for you where a real guitarist would put his hand and which string he would play. We provide it for free with every library that you buy, you don't need to buy an expensive sampler to use our products. The mode presets is a list of most music modes and their corresponding chord progressions, you can change the root of needed. You can also set the whole output as mono or stereo. You can also choose from a large selection of chord voicings for each chord.

The song builder allows you to decide which chord will be triggered when selecting only one note. An iLok key is required to authorize and use this product. If you are not the copyright holder, you may not submit copyrighted videos. The song builder panel is the feature that will let you compose songs extremely quickly. You may use these Samples provided on this website, on a royalty-free basis, to create your own original music compositions or audio projects.

Gd-6 acoustic guitar

We included a selection of presets to give song ideas, chord progressions, modes or chord types. The string selection enables the automatic string and fret selection or constrains the hand to the first position. Inappropriate videos will be rejected along with your review. Creating realistic guitar patterns has never been easier.

Elektron A nylon string electro-acoustic guitar. Right under it, you have access to a voicing menu that contains all of the possible voicings of that chord on a guitar, laila images and you can select one for each octave.

The Chord Hammers is probably whatmakes the library the most realistic. If you don't already have an iLok click here to purchase. You also have access to key switches to play palm mutes, harmonics flageolets or even percussion sounds and control the legato engine. If you do not agree with the terms of the License Agreement, do not use any of these audio samples. You can create as many pattern pages as you want, giving you access to many variations by just pressing one key.

Gd-6 acoustic guitar

Thorus Exceptionally deep modulation with an amazingly clear and detailed sound. The Pattern Maker is an improved step sequencer made especially for guitar strumming.

Every aspect of the library can be tweaked, the release, fret and pre-notes volumes, as well as the midi response of your keyboard. You can even export and load a chord configuration using the export and load buttons. We stay at your disposal for any help or support. It can be more intuitive, but does not allow for as much detail and realism when you play the chords. Still, it is a rock solid piece of software.

Video help Make sure your video is related to the product. Every aspect of the strumming engine can be tweaked to achieve the sound you want. Slide will trigger slide up and slide down samples. The Auto Voicing feature enables the different guitar chord positions depending on the octave in which it is played. By using any of these audio samples, you agree to become bound by the terms of the License Agreement.

The Preferences panel can be opened by clicking at the bottom of the interface, in there you have access to all of the different parameters of the library. The chord hammers feature lets you play left hand hammer ons and pull offs while strumming or picking. You can disable it if you play on a small controller or just want to play the first position. Solo mode, automatic hand position The solo mode is very simple, and is suited to play melodies. Please make a selection above.

GD-6 Acoustic Guitar

You can of course set each chord manually by clicking on them and selecting its kind, even starting from a preset. Here is a list of the keyswitches. Try to submit videos of you using the product. The Transpose is related to the Capo function.

Once your order is complete, you will be provided with a serial number. We extracted the data from hundreds of real guitar strums and allow you to control these parameters. It has a clean but warm tone that should be useful in just about any genre of music. You can find more info about it here.

GD-6 Acoustic Guitar