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You could give them a specific topic, like plans for their next holiday. They are expected to give opinions and speculate about what they see, and not just describe the pictures. Check students understand that they should not write more than one or two words for each gap. In each case, establish why the other options are incorrect. Pa irs then read their advice to each other.

Then they look at the four alternatives and again suggest what the most important words are. You may send this item to up to five recipients. You could also ask them to suggest any good alternative titles. Stronger classes may be able to do this without the initial reading of the questions.

They then bring this to class to discuss with their partner and explain why they think it is a good article. Students may already have discussed the behaviour of foreign tourists in some depth in the lead-in to the reading exercise.

So that's all for now - speak to you soon. Just paste the urls you'll find below and we'll download file for you! There's a problem loading this menu right now. Then students work individually to complete the exercise.

FCE Gold Plus. (Kit )

Then use the questions to conduct a brief class discussion as a lead-in for the listening activity. If so, you can simply ask them their opinion on the advice in the text or ask them to pick out the most important piece.

Teaching tips and ideas To revise a previously completed cloze exercise, you can use the oral cloze technique. Give them a choice of three e.

Students are required to match each question with the correct section of the text. Please choose whether or not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours. You may need to teach the verb counter. They then compare answers in pairs.

Cae gold-plus-coursebook

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FCE Gold Plus. (Kit )

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You could set one or two gist questions such as Which text talks about the problems of living in an extended family? They discuss their ideas in pairs before checking the answers. Demonstrate the same phrase, such as Do you think so?


Encourage them to ask further follow-up questions. You can also check some vocabulary such as tomboy.

To make this more challenging, omit one of the words in each question, which they then have to supply. Point out that the adjective disappointed in the example needs to change to disappointment in the new sentence. Take the text that students completed in a previous lesson and read it aloud to them blanking out the answers, which they have to remember and supply as a class.

Who usually presents the evening news programme on television in your country? They work in pairs to add the extra verbs in the box. Ask students whether than or when is correct in each case, if necessary prompting them by pointing out that No sooner is a comparative structure.

You could extend the exercise by asking students to invent some further questions using the adjectives and prepositions, which they ask each other in closed or open pairs. You can also talk about how they like their written work to be corrected e.

FCE GOLD Plus - Teacher s Book

You could make the activity more constrained by asking them to choose the three most important. Give a time limit of one minute for each student.

Remind them that they do not need to adopt all of the suggestions. Go over the answers, checking the meaning of each phrasal verb.

Then play the recording once and ask students to tell you the missing phrases or to compare in pairs. Finally, students work in pairs to match each sentence to a rule. Then ask students to read the alternatives for each question and underline w hat they think are the important words. Play the recording twice and students do the task. Students plan their paragraphs including the introduction and conclusion in note form and then compare their ideas in pairs.

FCE GOLD Plus - Teacher s Book

There is also a section of photocopiable activities which provide extra communicative practice in key areas of grammar and vocabulary from the Coursebook units. Before they begin, spider solitaire windows xp remind them of the techniques that they need to use.