Emma nyra and iyanya dating, i am not afraid to show my body emma nyra - vanguard news

Emma nyra and iyanya dating, i am not afraid to show my body emma nyra - vanguard news

Even murderers and people with worst crimes swear to God mtcheeeeew So she knew chidima dated Dammy krane which we don't know yet she sworn to God that Frank didn't eat her honey pot. Trying to shift attention from her face and also dodge the question. And for u chidinma aways saying am a virgin I knew u were lying badoo like u virgin.

The same as in football contract. That just made this tabloid, gutter stuff, instead of a business interview that can be featured in serious business magazine. For everything that happens, there are two sides to the story.

So even if it is true they dated, the fact is that she doesnt want to be associated with him love-like and i think the public should acknowledge that. And Tekno hired the driver. Recently, they came out with deals which means no matter which way an artist makes money, the label still gets some percentage.

I dated Emma Nyra Ubi Franklin

Why is it that it is Ubi they are blaming it on? No need for dat biko, don't break people's marriage cos of you. He has been saying it for many years that he is going to use Emma Nyra against me.

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Iyanya Reveals How Ubi Franklin Physically Abused Emma Nyra - NaijaDiary

Imagine mayorkun hire someone davido fired. You even moved in with him. Because I have everything to prove.

Why can't these people behave like matured men? Some memories are shitty and deserve to go down the drain. See, I never really wanted to get to this point bro.

Who asked her about Chidinma's affair? That how would I know that Tekno is about to hire his own driver that he sacked and I allowed that happen? The only person that can talk and I would respond to the person is only Iyanya and Baci. Chidimma never dated Dammy Krane biko nu.

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See what this two people are doing to themselves. Because I would put out all the married women he slept with. We have a contract binding us not to say anything. It always comes to no good.

Iyanya Reveals How Ubi Franklin Physically Abused Emma Nyra
Iyanya reveals what he did after Ubi Franklin assaulted Emma Nyra

Iyanya says he was a partner and he was investing so why are they not blaming that on Iyanya? All these people talking, how much did they make me? You people are disturbing our peace with these Una non sense.

I am not afraid to show my body Emma Nyra - Vanguard News

It's none of your business Biko. Ask him if he told me that. All artist managers are hated. She has a lot to lose if she says peem. Iyanya felt he had it all and went about it wrongly.

This shit is getting real. That should be up to them to disclose whenever they want to. Abi as partners didn't you do same things together?

Newer Post Older Post Home. Unless caught in a compromising position, then she never dated Ubi, cased closed. This is just an empty threat, i dare him to bring it out.

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Yes, like most men, he has fallen. Like, if you tell the others to do something, they will obey without thinking about it. If Ubi dares bring any married woman into this, he'll die like a chicken.

Desmond Elliot calls for ban of Foreign movies in Nigeria Video. You for use Ayelala swear now if you get liver. Who asked her to talk about chidinma and her relationship with dammy krane? Now, sydney dating website If they say that the label is not treating them right who is the label?

He should have just given him money or something. She should find a better lie jare. Instead of her to face her own story, what to expect when she is gisting us about Chidinma.

  1. Anyway, I never expected you to admit it sha.
  2. Asked if he assaulted Emma he responded with Iyvonne Nelson.
  3. As I dey, there are many people guys and girls that I pretend I never knew or was even friends with.
  4. People would come and be putting some rubbish things around it.
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I dated Emma Nyra - Ubi Franklin - Wazobians
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  • Why claim a man who did not claim her?
  • But if you say it to an employee you are dating, they tend to misbehave.

What I did after I witnessed Ubi Franklin assault Emma Nyra Iyanya

What Happened With Emma Nyra? Please, what did he say about Emma Nyra? Never seen a girl who lies like her life depended on d lies like u emma tufia kwa. Emma Nyra is a mother now.

Iyanya And Emma Nyra Dating Publicly - Celebrities - Nigeria

Iyanya and the driver fought and he fired the driver. How can he teach Iyanya how to sleep with married women? Ubi should leave the married women Iyanya slept with and focus on issues. If I am dating one person, I am all about that person.

Iyanya And Emma Nyra Dating Publicly - Celebrities - Nairaland

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So what is chidinma's own with ur interview? Some men are to be deleted from the memory and even from the recycle bin in the brain. Only problem I have is i don't think she should have mentioned chidinma's relationship with D krane cos I'm sure she didn't want that out or it wouldn't have been secret. If this is what Iyanya is going to do after all my hard work.

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