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Unlike the aforementioned three, J. Perfectly Imperfect Four Letter Word. This event has been added to your Plans.

The album received almost no radio play and still went platinum because Cube was talking that shit the streets needed to hear. Would he take up spoken word full time? Most incredible concert I've ever been to! She really maximized the amount of songs by doing that. Where others have turtled, the Blues have roared back.

Maybe it's because I missed most of Tinashe and she went first, but I don't recall ever seeing Dej Loaf. During this time of year, my dad is really heave on my mind. It literally has something for everyone. This album, though, was where everything cohered.

If you don't like the smell of weed and cigs, don't go. Here was a rapper who seemed part artist, part action hero. Eminem made his debut, simultaneously scaring and charming America with his immensely skilled shock raps. He bellows, almost embarrassingly earnest, about what he has to be thankful for.

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Excellent night xx Read more Report as inappropriate. Soon after his acrimonious split with N. Only positives were that the tickets were half-priced, and at least the audience tried to sing a bit.

Even if those who come down from their ivory towers and try to dictate those rules whenever it suits them as Drake attempted to do are constantly moving the goalposts. She's not gonna be doing a show at some hipster coffee place. For likely close to half a decade, Chance has been fending off label offers, even when the career path seemed hazy and the potential for failure seemed, to everyone but him, great.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. It was such an amazing night. He took the humor and lyrical precision of East Coast rapping, but, no doubt inspired by Snoop and Dre on the West, he let his raps breathe. It had been two years since his last album, but Weezy had flooded the industry, releasing a succession of hot street tapes and guest verses. Tesfaye Rose Legrand Scally.

She put on such a show and I hope she comes back again soon. Who knew what other kinds of trouble he could get into? And everyone pressed rewind, but not because he hadn't blown their mind. Her smile was alive, contagious, and sweet. In Nicki Minaj joined singers M.

She fixed a girl's nip slip without embarrassing about it. The song usually repeats anyways and minutes of it gets to the point.

First of three mixtapes by The Weeknd. House of Balloons is the debut mixtape by Canadian singer The Weeknd.

To understand Thugger's appeal look no further than his verse on T. He had concepts and stories. Born Mohandas Dewese in Manhattan, Moe was a quiet character who channeled his passion into carefully crafted rhymes. Red remains a remarkable talent, but in the year of the Phillie blunt, hip-hop turned on his dime.

Produced primarily by Kanye West with an assist from the recently deceased J. Her dancers were lovely enough to come down and take photos with me after the show! The way she entered on the stage was mind-blowing. Also the crowd honestly wasn't the best.

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Not that it really mattered. He was precise, and even delicate at times, as he bluntedly, and bluntly, stomped a mudhole in that ass.

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No matter how successful they got, they never lost that attitude, taking it with them as they stepped on stages and broke down barriers for hip-hop culture all around the world. Will K-Dot's reign on top be shorter than leprechauns? And then there was Big Daddy Kane.

The only rapper talked about as much as Drake or Future in was Kendrick Lamar. Instead, he was the first to figure out how the artist succeeds with the internet, rather than in spite of it.

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Maybe that explains why, much like Kanye once said of Shawn, with Drake, you only saw the wins this year more than any other. Cole, Drake, Travis Scott will be remembered as the year J. For Drake, romance music mp3 once again the throne is for the taking. The show was unbelievable! The mixtape was also released on his official website.

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Jeezy would be the group's only breakout star. For Hov, it was the beginning of an unprecedented reign. It reoriented the entire genre toward street rap's hard edge, spawned a pair of No.