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Support printing appointment or task list report. Re-install did not help either. Rainlendar shows events in a pop-up, if you click on a future date it doesn't show the events of that date in the Events List.

Wunderlist is an easy to use task management tool that enables you to keep track of to-do items, idea, appointment and anything else you want to remember. The biggest negative is that the program deletes completed tasks. TaskPrompt allows you to manage a personal ToDo and Task list. There are also tabs for the day's notes and for a general area to write non-date-specific notes. All you see are tasks to be completed.

If interactive desktop option is enabled, the program accepts direct clicks on dates, notes and tasks displayed on the desktop. Stickies is a virtual post-it notes program that allows you to place sticky notes on your desktop, plus sans font which will remain where placed until closed - even across reboots.

ToDoList is an easy to use, yet complex to-do list manager that enables you to organize and track general or project related tasks. Grab your stuff while you still can. On FreeAlarmClock, I probably don't want to edit the orig. Using it some weeks ago and liking it.

Setting It Up

Like being able to increase the size of the very small text. WinAlarm is a small and easy to use reminder program that can pop up an alert box at specified times, reminding you of things that need to be done.

Best Free Calendar Reminder and To-Do Program

FenoPhoto one-click enhancement of your photos. All these functions are for free, I hope this handy app would live up to all your expectation.

Besides its simple ability to type a note for that day, there is nothing that makes this program anything but a digitized version of the paper calendar hanging on your wall. What a frustrating search this has been. Just placing a shortcut for the executable in the Windows startup folder will also work for me. The reminder can be password protected and set to popup automatically. It's really time-saving to share events among resources.

RemindMe for Windows

The calendar covers two hundred years. Edit all aspects of reminders from one screen on pop ups. Category Option to save reminders is not available, also no synchronization with any other online or offline reminders.

If Firefox is crashing, then most probably it is because of an add-on. No need for a separate application. Desktop-Reminder is a simple program that can alert you to scheduled tasks, ensuring that you don't miss an important appointment or deadline. Cons I would hae liked to see a broader range of abilities were the graphics are concerned, but this isn't that big an issue. There's a very short learning curve.

We recommend this program. Efficient Reminder Free enables you to set reminders that alert you of important upcoming appointments, birthdays, anniversaries or other events.

How you found the violation and any other useful info. For example, a lawyer, a consultant, a club, a meeting room, a call center staff, etc. If you spend a lot of time on your computer, it makes sense to keep your schedule or calendar there, too, since that's where you're most likely to see it. This software also allows you to move data from one device to another if you need to synchronization.

Best Free Desktop Calendar with Reminder & To-Do List Wonderfulshare

You can set each note to normal, private or invisible desktop view. This is a one-time fee and the calendar will never expire. Adds great offline functionality to Google Calendar.

Best Free Desktop Calendar with Reminder & To-Do List

Private notes are displayed as generic text reminder and invisible notes are not displayed at all. This software category is in need of an editor. The software works on all Windows systems. Later in the evening when my wife was on the computer, I wanted to show her the new calendar software, and when I opened it, I saw her name on it. It allows you to view all your events in a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly overview.

Desktop-Reminder - a freeware task planner for Windows

Furthermore, there is no option to retain completed task history for use in performance and work method improvement evaluation. Annoying that it's not possible to leave some of the boxes on this review black, as i would have done if i could, as i was only planning to write in the summary and that was it. Always during start of Windows it lists all tasks, which are urgent for that day. Once I gave it permission, it worked fine. Cons Free version has no alarm or fine tuning of time which when put together would make the overall use much more enjoyable.

Best Free Desktop Calendar with Reminder & To-Do List

Pros Very simple, user friendly reminder program that does exactly what I need - to be reminded of things that need to be done. Make all of Your Resources Organized.

When you need to synchronize with another device, just click the button again. It's about as straight forward as most apps get. Well that's where this article should help solve some of these problems. Affiliates and Resellers info eshasoft.