Dating singer sewing machines antique, dating singer machines

Dating singer sewing machines antique, dating singer machines


  1. You selected Down-Near the Bed.
  2. The cabinet drawers have some fancy curlicues on the front.
  3. If your sewing machine does not have a model number, but has a serial number similar in location to the image above, use the images below to help identify the sewing machine model number.
  4. The unit is in nice overall condition.
  5. However there were also rare red, beige, and super-rare blue models.

Singer Featherweight - Dating Your Machine The Singer Featherweight Shop

  • The Singer company eventually managed their production from all their factories to match up with the serial number flow.
  • Locate the Bobbin Winder on your machine and select the answer that best locates its position.
  • Check eBay sold listings also as asking prices do not mean the machine will sell for that price.
  • It is a treadle, and the machine came wrapped in bubble wrap.
  • The sewing machine is is excellent condition.

It has the original leather belt, rotary button hole attachment, all the sewing attachments, and the wooden machine cover. Do you own a vintage sewing machine which you think could be worth a sum at auction? Since holidays without sewing are no holidays at all for me, I borrowed this machine from my grandmother to sew a dress for a daughter who was in a summercamp nearby. Create your free Catawiki account.

Dating a vintage sewing machine form its serial numbers with no letter prefix. This image shows even older antique Singer machines dating from way back to to with a fiddle type bed. Now to the dating All Singers up until have no letter prefix and came from several factories around the world.

Tools for Estimating Antique Singer Sewing Machine Values

Start Free Trial Already an Insider? Here's a link to the pictures of the machine. The cabinet is in good condition, just some wear and tear, but not much that a good clean and oiling can't perk up! Other brands to look out for include Bernina, Elna and Pfaff.

Hi Alex, I loved your site. He has written extensively for trade magazines, radio, television, books and publications world wide. Sandman Collectibles also offers many vintage Singer machine user manuals for sale. It is of metal construction and is as heavy as a concrete block. And to this day, the name Singer is almost synonymous with sewing.

Dating Singer Machines

Fashion a Sheer Collar Define the edges with an opaque border. By matching the serial number to the corresponding date, you can determine the exact age of the machine. The only number I can see is on a small gold plate. Ever wondered where your vintage Singer was made? The Benefits of this Super-Fibre.

My grandmother, the sewer in the family, made many of my clothes on that machine. The machine in the picture is exactly, precisely the machine I inherited from my grandmother! Many major retailers also purchased sewing machines and put their company name on them. Join the discussion Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. All the handles, draw slides, etc.

Where was my Antique Singer sewing machine made, how long the serial number starts with two letters? The castings were marked with the serial number during manufacture. Questions Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members.


It is said these were handed out as saleman's samples. You have indicated that your machine is Electric Powered. As I work out more parts to this template I will update in the future. The stitch length was adjusted via a screw and the machine did not stitch backwards. Is there a list with pictures of parts for a treadle machine?

Antique Singer Sewing Machine Value

Originally it may have been hand operated. It should be encased in a squarish type of housing. Beautiful Machine you have.

Why do Singer s have Serial Numbers

Previous story What is Microfiber? The bobbons are definitely different so I am not sure about the rest. Plus, they're easy to sew. Please note these are only for the British Singers.

Antique Singer Sewing Machine

What is the Birthdate of My Singer Featherweight? My father and his entire family worked for the Singer Co. Singer manufacturing plants and letter s.

How to Date Your Singer Sewing Machines

This was my great-grandmother's machine! Not a toy but a practical Singer Sewing machine. What would the starting value on the east coast of Canada be? Singer has a reputation for creating innovative machines and were the first to ever introduce electric, zigzag and electronic machines which were targeted to the home sewing market.

Date Your Machine
Find sewing machine model number from serial number

Christian Defaijs - Image female torso with lighting and standard - Earthenware. Find sewing machine model number from serial number. Certain machines are just more popular among collectors in certain areas.

And of course any other pertinent information I can find. It only had one bobbin so I made three more out of brass bar stock I'm a machinist any idea what brand it might be? Another joker in the deck is the G shown at right. Hi, you have great reference material on your blog. We would like to refurbish or get this unit operational again.

Often, extremely old sewing machines have been lost in time or thrown away. Its strong construction and easy use has put thousands of women onto a path of happy sewing. One of the reasons is not only due to the rich history, 55 dating sites but the fact that they cater to all sewing needs.

Antique Singer Sewing Machine Value

You can discover the machines we have for sale at our online auctions. They carry parts for many machines. My sister has an antique treadle-type sewing machine and I can't identify it by make. Very large, dating free heavy antique Djokja silver Fruit bowl on ball feet - Silver.

Vintage and Antique Singer Sewing Machines

Singer Sewing Machine Photo Gallery To Identify Models
How to Date a Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet

Several years ago, I was given an antique Singer treadle sewing machine that has been passed down through my family for a few generations. Are you manufacturing Ultrasonic sewing machine? Have you identified its model and year of manufacture?

Dating Your Singer Featherweight Machine
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