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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Esha Deol. The information of next uploading deserves and applaud.

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The film had a decent opening and became a hit at the box office, becoming the fourth-highest-grossing movie at the box office. This movie was a box office failure. The pictures, the descriptions, made me miss my family. Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai.

Yuva had a below average opening and flopped at the box office. Even the great Mehdi Hassan, who owes much of his singing skills to Talat does not come close in terms of sonority and effortless singing. Lots more needs to be done in order to pay a tribute to this great artist. He used to sing difficult songs with such ease that every other would feel that he too can sing his numbers but when you try then you realise how difficult is to sing his numbers.

Expressing his regrets he had informed that since that was the private property of the A. His voice has life like music.

His velvety voice never failed to move me. He had his God-gifted vibrant voice. Is it possible to meet you and if so, where can I meet you.

She further appeared in Hijack and took a sabbatical break from films for two years. You proved to be a worthy son of your loving father. He was a great ghazalist of his time.

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Here a visitor is looking for real old music - full of songs - you being his son must look into this - the site should have almost all songs! We always wished for the entire collection of his personal records, old hindi songs mp3 by kishore kumar and we heartfully thank you for all the hardwork you are carrying out.

Where can I purchase another one? The more he apologised the more the crowd wanted their requests. Is it possible to play any song from the Songs List of Talat Sahib?

Talat's voice is gentle and velvet like, and he's a cool singer. God bless your family and Talatjis name should be there forever. While looking at the sky also I remember lines of Talat's song only. The film gives her ample scope for histrionics, but she does not use it. He continued in spite of the sore throat and no one was really bothered that Talat saab needed a rest.

Really a great - rather the greatest job! Any Punjabi songs from Talat Sahib? If I get a chance I'd like to meet your family and pay my humble respects to Talat saab's memories. His velvety voice is the only voice and will remain forever the only voice on earth.

Although, I lost touch with him, he was always with me because I listen to his velvet voice every day of my life. You have done a great job for his fans.

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She was given the full name of Esha Dharmendra Deol. As I was watching the movie Dilip Kumar came on the screen and the voice of Talat Mahmood, the song was koi nahin mera is duniya men.

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None did match nor will match his heavenly voice. This should be the turning point in her career. Singer like Talat Mahmood are born once in a million years and they are not replaceable.

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List of songs by Lata Mangeshkar

A Golden Voice - Talat Mahmood

Both actresses do convincing enough work in their roles, but their real purpose is to provide sex appeal. Warmest wishes on the Birth Anniversary of Talat Sahab today. This was in the winters in early eighties.