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If the Imperator was present they served as his bodyguard. When not in use, the boats were drawn up into the sheds for maintenance and protection. Space on the other side of the tent was for passage. Wall posts were praesidia, gate posts, custodiae, advance positions before the gates, stationes.

Naval personnel generally enjoyed better quarters and facilities. The central portion was used as a parade ground and headquarters area. Other than there, the men had to find other places to be. In the northern places like Britain, where it got cold in the winter, they would make wood or stone barracks. Note the battlements, the Roman arches, the turres.

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Also located in the Latera was the Armamentarium, a long shed containing any heavy weapons and artillery not on the wall. Ordinary soldiers would see all the officers training with them including the praetor, or the Emperor, if he was in camp. Sometimes the horrea were located near the barracks and the meat was stored on the hoof. Whitley Castle however is an exception, referring to the Roman fort of Epiacum in Northumberland. It was sounded by a buccinator.

For the winter the soldiers retired to castra hiberna containing barracks and other buildings of more solid materials, with timber construction gradually being replaced by stone. From then on many castra of various sizes were established many of which became permanent settlements. Previously, legions were raised for specific military campaigns and subsequently disbanded, requiring only temporary castra.

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He leaves Caius Fabius, his lieutenant, with two legions to guard the camp. Seamanship was taught at naval bases. The Castrum's special structure also defended from attacks.

The central castra might also support various fortified adjuncts to the main base, should i start dating my best friend which were not in themselves self-sustaining as was the base. The largest castra were legionary fortresses built as bases for one or more whole legions.

An aureus of the late republic The supply administration was run as a business using money as the medium of exchange. The company area was used for cooking and recreation, such as gaming. Many were civilians working for the military. The regimental commanders, the tribunes, were already converging on the praetorium.

The soldiers arose at this time and shortly after collected in the company area for breakfast and assembly. Vegetius Renatus has a small section on entrenched camps as well. Troops who did not fit elsewhere also were there.

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Ordinary activity was performed during regular working hours. As does any business, the base quaestorium required careful record keeping, performed mainly by the optiones.

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The instrument used to mark the passage of a watch was the buccina, from which the trumpet derives. For example, a skilled artisan might be chosen to superintend a workshop. On one side of the praetorium was the quaestorium, the building of the quaestor supply officer. Apart from the training, each soldier had a regular job on the base, of which there were a large variety from the various kinds of clerks to the craftsmen.

They record, among other things, the purchase of consumables and raw supplies, the storage and repair of clothing and other items, and the sale of items, including foodstuffs, to achieve an income. In or near the intervallum, where they could easily be accessed, were the latrines of the soldiers. Soldiers changed jobs frequently. For soldiers, the main item of the agenda was a vigorous training session lasting about a watch long. The Via Principalis and the Via Praetoria offered another division of the camp into four quarters.

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The streets, gates and buildings present depended on the requirements and resources of the camp. The other sides were formed by a polygonal wall and ditch constructed in the usual way, with gates and watchtowers.

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Marching drill was always in order. Medical community of ancient Rome Officers were allowed to marry and to reside with their families on base. In the camp of a full legion he held the rank of consul or proconsul but officers of lesser ranks might command. The praetorium had its own latrine, and probably the quarters of the high-ranking officers.