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But has it held up over the years? This could-be-a-Beatles-song stands out for sounding like nothing else they've ever done before are those strings we hear? And it's def the best of Made in the A.

The Definitive Ranking of Every One Direction Song Ever From Worst to Best

She said he had a dirty mouth because he was cursing and got drunk. This is a by-the-numbers pop song, and probably as conventional as things get on Made in the A. Justin Bieber's Net Worth. This was the first song any of us heard from Four, and it was an excellent tease for what to expect.

Email me when new interpretations are posted for Best Song Ever. What does Best Song Ever mean? Best song ever It was the best song ever It was the best song ever.

All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. And good luck trying to get that hook out of your head. Add that to the electro-pop beat, and it's the stuff rom-coms are made of. Between the harmonies and the last-minute key change, this beautiful but somewhat boring single offers them a rare chance at thoughtfulness.

It's a fantastic song all around, and as far as pop songs go, this one is timeless. On a rock-heavy album, this is the closest thing to the pure pop of their earlier work.

Best song ever one direction mediafire

So in the morning they probably woke up drunk or something so he doesn't remember the lyrics to the song but he remembers the girl and wants to remember that night forever. Isn't rose a type of drink? This one's a suitably mellow note for the album to end on, with just the right touch of nostalgia to have you thinking back to everything these boys have accomplished in the last five years. This is as close as the boys have ever gotten to a dubstep-style drop in a song, and it's a successful experiment that makes us wish they'd try it out some more.


Okay, so they dance all night to really good song, right? So it's for the best that they kept this track off the standard release, since it's the only one that sounds like a boy band playing pretend. The lyrics might be relatively tame, especially for a party anthem, but the beat is fun enough to make anyone want to dance to Katy Perry on replay, just like the boys sing on the bridge. Submit Your Interpretation.

One Direction - Best Song Ever (Where We Are Live From San Siro Stadium)The Definitive Ranking of Every One Direction Song Ever From Worst to Best

Imagine that the hot guy at the party forgot about his date, and suddenly, he wants to dance with you. They dance all night long to what they thought was the best doing ever. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Never mind the fact that people are still confused about what the lyrics mean. The title might be too generous, but this mostly inoffensive song's biggest fault is burying Louis's powerhouse and heartbreaking solo at the very end. Or about how they will never forget us being their fans when this all ends and us never forgetting about them.

It may not be their best, but at the very least, it'd make a welcome addition to anyone's beach vacay playlist. But it's sweet and decidedly not annoying, like some of the other ones ranked lower on this list. Well obviously they get drunk and in the morning they can't remember crap. Beer Can't Fix Thomas Rhett. You can't deny the brilliance of a song made up entirely of other song titles.

While we can't imagine Harry ever walking alone in the rain, this song paints the boys as their goofiest and most endearing selves. It's a showstopper of a song, and the pitch-perfect end to the standard release of this album. This interpretation has been marked as poor.

Have the boys ever sounded this giddy on a song before? One Direction Song Meanings. As you'd expect from the title, xsplit full version this is baby Direction at their neediest and brattiest. Family Tree Caylee Hammack. The night be for he knew all the lyrics and doesn't now.

We can hear the stadium-wide sing-along now. But with a soaring chorus and requisite ooh-oohs, it's fun to sing along. Surely you know that Harry is a renowned fan of Coldplay, the obvious sonic inspiration for this ballad.

Although it has been only a dream they always remember this moment. But it's the thought that counts, right?

This one's a grower, if only because it's kinda disorienting at first listen. In another life, Jason Derulo would have taken this song and made it the club beat it deserved to be. Maybe it's the way she walked Wow!

Best Song Ever One DirectionBest Song Ever One Direction Mp3 Download 320kbps

Home Genres Albums Lyrics Videos. She said he had a dirty mouth because he cussed. Liam wrote this for his girlfriend, Sophia, so feel free to aww the next time you listen. And bless you, Kelly, for giving it up.

They knew every line, which is what people usually say during sex, so like dirty and such. And Zayn's incredible high note is capital-i Iconic. Straight into my heart and stole it Through the doors and past the guards Ow! Straight into my heart and stole it Through the doors and passed the guards Wow!

Best song ever one direction mediafire

The boys sound ecstatic on the bombastic chorus, and we honestly can't blame them. Now that we've had some time to let the song settle and turn it off repeat on iTunes we've examined its place in their entire oeuvre. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Only slightly more superior.

He remembers her and hopes she remembers him. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. If you were on a beach house vacay with all your friends, then you'd probably blast this jam all weekend. But why, just why is Liam so breathy? And if Louis's solo doesn't melt your knees and turn you into a puddle by the song's end, then you're not human and definitely made of stone.