Back value dating, vintage citizen case backs & watch production date

Back value dating, vintage citizen case backs & watch production date

Use your loupe to look for a mold line. It should have the smell of Formaldehyde. Recently I had given it for repair for a small time guy im scared that he would have changed any parts and replaced it with fake is it possible? It is obviously used, but I really like the look and feel of it. The dancing people are probably wearing bunad- National costumes.

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Does the case on mine look polished to you? Do you have a price you want for them? The rest of the dial code is the dial part number so it will differ from the number on the back of the case. Society says African Americans have nappy hair, big noses, lips, rumps, can sing, dance, and rap, and their black mothers and grandmothers can cook, especially fried chicken. It is found on watches from the s through to the late s.

Of course, if the card is used and has a stamp, that too gives a clue, both by its value, and the style of stamp itself. Thus, backdating can be misleading to shareholders in the sense that it results in option grants that are more favorable than the shareholders approved in adopting the stock option plan. To be legal, backdating must be clearly communicated to the company shareholders, properly reflected in earnings, and properly reflected in tax calculations.

Vintage Citizen Case Backs & Watch Production Date
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Can you please point it out to me or private message. You can pretty much identify a fabric covered button. There are no discernable markings on the earrings with the naked eye.

  • Ita a birthstone ring with five stones and a silver band holding them in.
  • Use color to guess the time period.
  • Your watch is the hand winding, date only version of the automatic movement.
  • You don't need anything else.
  • How much do you think I should pay?

These colors were deliberately made. The case lines are sharp and the brushed finish is there, so the case has not been polished. The colors on the star are incorrect but I don't know if it is just the way it photographed.

Vintage Button Guide - Ways to Identify Antique Buttons

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One of the most sought after metal buttons are brass picture buttons from the Victorian era. According to information above there should be the manufacturers serial number on the case. These buttons were used until the s and by that time other buttons were becoming popular. Gents watches are collected far more, all list but the Lady Alarm will attract interest. At Kennesaw State University.

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And since an original strap its almost impossible to find, I think I will consider going with a new leather one. The Clasp diagram is great! Also thank you for all the information you have provided, including very good images. Cleaning Fabric Covered Buttons The important thing is if you clean it, dating be very careful not to to scrub on the fibers.

Lucite will have no smell if you run it under hot water and generally stays pretty clear over time. Our work is certainly cut out. The drama comes when you nag or pressure him about certain behaviors. The style of the model number i.

You may need a magnifier to read it, but this is the dial code which can be very helpful in identifying a watch. What if he asks you out, mine did a few days ago. Conditions is extremely fine but it is not a big size watch. These were very sturdy carved buttons. When I speak of black men, I do not mean every black man.

Thank you for your blog, it's made me very interested in the buttons I just found in a beautiful wooden sewing box of my great grandmothers. If nothing is set you make plans and or just play by ear without expectations of anything will happen. The suggestions I wrote were just a compilation of suggestions from several different sites. Some places said if it is a button made entirely of metal it is okay to wash off with mild detergent but make sure to dry completely as some of these can rust. The important thing is if you clean it, be very careful not to to scrub on the fibers.

These were illustrations on government-printed postal cards and on privately printed souvenir cards. You really know your stuff. Often there is a reference in the box to the amount of postage required. Lots of pieces of clothing and thread stuck to them. In any relationship, a person usually attracts to people that are similar to them in many ways, intellectually.

Vintage Citizen Case Backs & Watch Production Date

Options backdating

They say not to wash these with mild soaps and water because it will cause the colorful layer to come off. Thank you so much for the information! HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. Can you help me find out any extra info?

Vintage Button Guide - Ways to Identify Antique Buttons
  1. Identifying the different types of plastic is looking to be an enormous undertaking thank you again for thd information and also for tge references to other resources.
  2. The watch is also in pretty bad shape so I hope to know more about it to see if it is worth repairing or even possible to repair.
  3. Options backdating is the practice of altering the date a stock option was granted, to a usually earlier but sometimes later date at which the underlying stock price was lower.
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How can I know the good part number? The trade date is the date on which a transaction was executed. The way to clean these buttons is to wipe off with a soft cloth or you can take a lemon and slice it in half and dip it in salt and then rub it on the buttons, wipe with damp cloth and let dry. Hello, I have several pieces of jewelry that were my Mom's and probably my Grandmother's and great Aunt's.

Could it be a counterfeit? They're not Bakelite and not celluloid. Oh well, you have a rotation going so you will have dates. The watch is not working, it was a winding watch if I recall and the stem is very loose.


We have not cleaned any as when we are finished sorting, we will leave that job to the future owners. These are used on hand knit Norwegian sweaters. He sent me a pic of it and it looked good.

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This section relates to watches made from around to the early s. The problem is in the fact that there is no serial number on the back case. Your email address will not be published. The front has been destroyed and rusted out.

The case back information indicates that your watch has either an or movement inside. The man who is leaning back will simply come across as un masculine. Thank you for getting back to me. How will this affect value? When it comes to the type of girls men love, the high value woman takes the cake.

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Notable companies embroiled in the scandal include Broadcom Corp. Condition is even more important for a skeleton model. Can you please decode it Thank You! My previous post described a brooch or pendant that could also be worn on a chain and it's heavy metal. But i am planning to use it until it completely stops working.

It still keeps relatively accurate time. After some research I learned what it really is. You have opened my eyes to a whole new world of fun collecting. On the back is a small screw that attaches this shape from the frame. You made other plans yesterday.

5 Clues to Help Identify the Date of Jewelry

This all but eliminated the opportunity for senior management to engage any meaningful options backdating. He sees me approximately every two weeks, and does not contact me in between dates. These were expensive watches when new, since quartz technology was still new at that time, how do you and a silver cased one would have been very expensive. What a nice blog you have here.

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