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The most delicious Ice Cream game! Whindy in a Colorless World. Stem a zombie attack on your yard with the help of powerful plants! The app also has in-app purchases for swords and other items.

FarmVille is one of the most popular farming game developed by Zynga. Avenge your honor, hone your skills, challenge your shadow! In candy crush soda, however, any time you match candies or bottles, you release purple soda that sets the candy bears free.

After all the glam, it is time to put your star out there, flirt with the hottest guys and maybe find yourself on top of star magazines. Burst out of the darkness with your ninja stars shredding! You need to purchase and manage their shop, bake cakes and make a floral arrangement on behalf of them.


You, therefore, need not worry for there will always be a fresh and interesting supply of fun games just for you. There are mini-games to test your mastery of the game and earn yourself prizes in the daily challenges. Turn off your ad-blocker and refresh the page to fully enjoy our games! Core of Source - Prologue. Collect a lot of the Inca empire gold and bonuses by jumping higher and higher between the swinging platforms in the old treasury!

Simple, solve the puzzle to complete the picture of Barbie. Fruit Ninja is an addictive action game in which you the player has to slice fruits that are thrown into the air in epic combos. Days, when boys dominated video games, are gone, and today, everybody gets to have a taste of the fun.

Android - Girl Games

Willow the Whale is back and this time he's brought his friends! Gum drop hop your way through a variety of cute brightly colored levels in this adorably addictive candy based platformer. For all the princes out there this is a chance to help out a real princess.

Offline Zombie Shooting Games. Help Jill and her friends to bake cakes. Online rush, be the best cat runner, and decorate Home-Room! The sequel to the smash hit phenomenon that took the world by storm!

On this page, we are going to focus on some of the best Android games for girls. To all the girls eager to get a game on Android, there is no limit. Fashion Story is a stylish android game for girls. You'll always find the cool games at Girl Games, we have all the best games from game developers like i-dressup, gta modern mod girlsgogames and cartoon doll emporium so you will never get bored!

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Whether you have picked up a jetpack and flying over the roofs or on a hover board, the game is sure to keep you glued to your phone. Play online with people all over the world!

If you are addicted to shopping Or dream of being a supermodel Or Love to go on dates? This is an amazing puzzle game for girls in which you have to drag the pieces to the right place to create the image of Barbie. In this game fashion-hungry consumers are on the sidewalk waiting for the doors to your hot new clothing boutique to open. To add to the fun, whenever you match four candies in a square you make a Swedish fish while matching seven candies creates the coloring candy. The graphics are very amusing, and the sound effects are hilarious.

Developers are also increasing by the day, all in a fierce competition to create the most appealing and enjoyable game. Up is down and gravity is yours to command! Roblox lets you play, create, and be anything you can imagine. This game needs logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy. To add to the fun, there are online competitions to compete against other ninjas and test your wits.

In this game you have to find all of the same items to beat the level. Unlock hundreds of new character, new challenging gameplay, and hazards as you progress through new levels.

Over items to collect, skills to learn, massive terrains of enemies and bosses to slaughter, and levels of addiction! Reams of cryptic variables and numerical values had to be decoded by changing the settings of our test router and observing the effects. Mario's stars have been scrambled!

15 Cool Games for Girls Free on Android

Make Angela your very own superstar with fashion, food, makeup and fun! The game is available for free on Google play store. Platform game with excellent animation and interesting gameplay. You'll always find yourself getting better and going further! In this game you have to Dress up Cover Girl by using various beautiful shoes, jewelries, clothes, handbags etc.

Even when it comes to playing some games on a smartphone, mostly they play games that are easy, cute and funny. Guide your ball to victory no matter what tries to stop it. This game is very much girly related kitchen. An illusory adventure of impossible architecture and forgiveness.

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