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Energetic, motivating Pop mit accompanying acoustic guitar, catchy hooks and playful synths. Upbeat, energetic electro perfect for Action, Sports, Dance etc. Perfect for modern fashion, lifestyle presentations and web videos. Sounds like Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue.

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This one slams today's modern club sound. Action track with pulsating and offbeat persistent rhythm, rather like an electronic drum line at times. Fast, pulsating, rhythmic dance track.

Features catchy female pop vocals, cool analogue synths, synth bass and drum machine. Check is a fun, empowering song for girls that want a guy to treat them right. How to Download My Track License?

Great for motivational videos, Aerobics, parties, celebration, fashion shows or other cool and trendy events. Full Track - Pop, Pop Groove.

Enjoy and don't forget to use this! Can also be used for contest promotions, video games, broadcast bumpers. There is a Dubstep tempo breakdown in the middle and several mixes with or without vocals.

Contains all of the uplifting strength that her songs deliver and builds throughout to an exciting climax. Variation C Instrumental edit - Dance, Trance. Features epic synths, gigantic drums, light guitars, and some tribal percussion. Summery tropical vocal house track with a cool groove and relaxing mood.

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Very catchy synth riffs and energetic, pumping beats. Super feel good uplifter a la Steve Aoki. Variation instrumental - Action, Impending Electro-Orch. Electric and exciting pop dance track, driving bass and synth sounds, with a heavy club influenced kick and snare pattern. Features catchy female pop vocals, cool analogue synths, star defender game full version synth bass and drum loops.

Features youthful female vocals, cool analogue synths, uplifting strings, male rap vocal hooks and drum loop. Variation sec - Electronic, Chillout. Positive joyful and energetic bollywood dance electro house track with indian melody on sitar and male vocal.

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Ground shattering bass lines, quirky sound effects, amazing drum play, and sparse vocals make this song pop. Uptempo and positive attitude with fresh and youthful sound, this is a very danceable and radio-friendly tune. Optimistic song about love to Ayla. Uplifting, energetic electro perfect for Action, Sports, Dance etc. This is the song you rock out to when you're over a bad relationship and you're ready to move on.

All trademarks appearing on this site are the property of the respective owners. Euphoric, energetic modern dance perfect for Dance, Fashion, Action etc. High energy, hi-tech, youth, party.

Also good for exercise and aerobics videos. Featuring bass guitar, electric guitar and dubstep style synths, the melody will stick in your head.

Include acoustic guitar live groove. This is an incredible club song for a party scene, a fast paced promotional video, or even an edgy corporate business promo.

Modern sounding electro pop song with dance elements. Perfect for promotions and showcases.

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Ringtone Akcent - Kamelia

Mix of sound effects all spacey, spacious - think Scotty beaming Kirk, Spock, and McCoy down to an exotic planet, along with red shirts in imminent danger. Variation Instrumental - Electronic, Synthpop. Works well for background music in night club and disco scenes, people tearing up the dance floor with their hands in the air.